My Colourpop Supershock Collection

Such a thing of beauty! I’m obsessed with these creamy, pigmented shadows. I splurged and bought a bunch when there was an online sale recently.  If you’ve never used or touched these before, they feel a bit spongy and wet, which makes them super pigmented and appear foiled. They are best applied with your finger, or a flat concealer brush for full color payoff. You need to be careful not to leave any of the caps opened, or they could dry out which will leave you sad 😦


I have three of the ultra glitters, shown above. From left is So Quiche, Nillionarre, and Cricket.

So Quiche is described as an olive with purple and gold sparkles. It’s very pretty all over the lid, paired with a matte purple in the crease to make the purple glitters pop.

Nillionare is one of my faves! I love bronze tones, and this is the perfect foiled looking bronze with gold glitter. So gorge! I sometimes will just dust a bronzer in my crease and then pat this all over my lid for a glowy bronze look. It is also beautiful to use in the center of the lid over another shimmer or matte shade.

Cricket is beautiful, but I haven’t used it much. I’ll have to play around with it a bit and come up with something I like.


Please excuse my ridiculously amateur swatches! 😆 I’m definitely a newbie to photographing my makeup!

The top picture shows the matte shades Brady (left) and Cornelius. I was curious how these supershock shadows would work as a matte, and with a brush, but they do. I dip a fluffy brush in and blend it right in. You can also apply it with your finger first, then blend with a fluffy brush.

Cornelius is a shade created by KathleenLights, one of my favorite YouTubers, which she named after one of her dogs! So cute!

On the far right in the second picture, is another shade by KathleenLights called Weenie. She has another dog named Selene, that she calls Weenie. I LOVE this shade. It is an ultra metallic finish rose gold, which is another that I love to place on the whole or just the center of my lid.

Next to Weenie is the shade Mixed Tape which is a satin finish and described by their website as a taupy grey color. I think of it as a grayish lavender. Either way, its beautiful and has a really nice sheen to it.

Lastly, I have the shade truth which was washed out a bit by the sun in this picture, unfortunately. Its a satin neutral light beige. I like to wear it on its own with some mascara on days where I’m not wearing much makeup, but still want a glow to my lids. It can go with any look you want, or be used as a brow bone highlight or inner corner highlight.

Let me know what you think of the Supershock Shadows. Do you have any favorites? What else do you like from Colourpop?


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