YouTube Made Me Buy It!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this kind of topic. But if not, basically I will be showing you some of the products that I bought due to recommendations of beauty influencers on YouTube.

When you see enough people that you trust reviewing, demonstrating, and recommending products, then you think “this must be good!”  For the most part I’ve been lucky, but there have been few misses.

Without further ado, here are some of the items I bought because YouTube made me!

This was the first high end eyeshadow palette I bought. The colors are pretty, and it was KathleenLights’ favorite palette at the time. It’s a nice palette and the colors blend well, but  I honestly only use a few shades from it.
I will often do a casual look by using Salted Caramel in my crease, then deepening the crease with Milk Chocolate or Semi Sweet, and call it good. My favorite shade in the palette is Creme Brulee. It’s a beautiful shimmery bronze/gold shade to pack all over the lid. Looks great when wet also.

This was another buy based on KathleenLight’s favorites. She swore by the black liner, but I bought this in brown and find it to be lacking greatly in pigment. I tried it several times, but for me it was a miss.

I love this brow pencil. Prior to this I was using the ABH brow wiz, which to me is pretty interchangable with this one. I prefer these types of pencils, with a small tip for percise (hence the name) application.


Morphe 35O Palette $22.99

I was seeing this everywhere on YouTube when I first discovered the beauty community. So many looks were being posted, and the price point was great for as many shades as you get. But I honestly never reach for it. The colors are nice, but I don’t come close to using the majority of them. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Morphe and whether or not they are a good brand, or just heavily pushed by beauty gurus so they can make a buck. I personally find the shadows to be fine, but I’m just not really that into this bulky palette that I don’t often use.

This is my ride or die foundation! I have issues with acne and acne scarring so I definitely prefer a full coverage foundation. I would, however, classify this as a medium coverage because I can usually still see my dark spots through the foundation and need to add concealer. But this foundation has a gorgeous demi matte finish and stays on my face all day! I work 12 hour shifts and this is the only foundation that I feel withstands a full day at work. It doesn’t cake up, feel thick, or oxidize, so to me it’s perfect for the amount of coverage it gives. Highly recommend!

img_3611-1 ABH Modern Renaissance Palette  $42

This palette is a dream! Everyone and their mother seems to have this and I took a lot of time before finally making the purchase for myself. The shades are stunning, and the shadows are powdery, pigmented, and blend effortlessly. I hardly need to tap my brush in the shadows to get a lot of product. There is a lot of kick up, but I don’t think that is a con. I find that these types of shadows have the best blendability and color payoff. There is such a beautiful palette of colors and they can be used for many different looks. This is probably my favorite palette at this time, and with good reason. So glad I took the plunge and got my hands on this!


Ok, everyone has heard of this because it is EVERYWHERE. Sorry if you haven’t heard of it, but you need it! It is such a great concealer. It is very thick and provides full coverage, while not appearing cakey or heavy on the skin. I don’t know how they did it, but it works. It was initially meant to be part of a highlight and contour line, but the beauty community discovered that it is an excellent concealer for highlighting under the eyes and down the center of the face. I use the shade light medium for the highlighting, and I actually use the shade medium with a stippling brush to help conceal my dark spots. It’s definitely worth the splurge in my opinion.

This one was recommended by Tati, Glamlifeguru. She raved about this and so naturally, I went out and bought it. I like it a lot, and it is probably the second concealer in line I would reach for, Shape Tape being the first. The two are actually very similar in the sense that it has a thicker consistency, decent coverage, but does not feel heavy on the face.

 There are a few mascaras I have bought because of YouTube influencers.

I expected great things from this, but was unfortunately disappointed. I don’t know if it’s because I got the waterproof version, which seems unlikely, but this mascara transfers to my eye lids and under eyes like none other! I tried several different times, but each time it was a hot mess. I may be getting the original in my ipsy bag this month, so if I do and it works better then I will let you know.

This mascara is absolutely amazing. And it’s from the drugstore! Not only does it give my lashes beautiful length, but it also volumizes. You can really build it up for a dramatic look. I don’t wear false lashes, so I like to have a mascara that will do the trick without the falsies. I love this mascara! Again, this was a recommendation I first saw from Tati, but many others have also talked about it.

This is a good mascara, but it’s not necessarily anything special to me. I do really like Maybelline mascaras in general. They have some great ones from the Colossal line, including this, but it was talked up so much that I was expecting something more.

So that’s some of the makeup that I have bought based on recommendations from YouTube beauty gurus. Honestly, most of what I have in my collection is something that I have heard recommended by the beauty community, because I am not about spending money on something that is not going to be awesome. I have recently subscribed to the ipsy glam bag, and Sephora Play, so this will give me the opportunity to try things out for myself and give you my honest opinions.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, please let me know by “liking” it, and follow my page if you haven’t already. Talk to you later, beautiful 💋

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