Powder IN My Foundation??

That breaks all the rules! People have been told forever that powder is only for after liquid products. Don’t try to put liquid over powder or it will be a patchy mess!

Well, Urban Decay is breaking the rules with their new velvetizer powder. You’re supposed to mix it in to your foundation to get a fuller coverage, longer lasting, matte makeup finish. I watched a video on Tati Westbrook and Nikkia Joy’s YouTube channels where they each tried out the product. It seemed to do what it claims to do. In reading the comment section, apparently this is a thing that people do. Mix any translucent powder into your foundation for a matte, full coverage finish.

So naturally, I HAD to try that. First of all, this is a makeup and deals blog, so if I can use my $12 RCMA powder instead of this $34 powder, I’m gonna try it and tell you if it’s amazing. My skin is combonation/oily, so it shouldn’t dry my skin out too much. Or will it?

Ok so here we go…I’ve got my go to Double Wear foundation, my RCMA powder, and my foundation dish

The urban decay product calls for a dime sized amount, so I stick to those directions.



My bare face in all its natural, flawed glory.

Once I mix in the product, I apply it the same way I always apply my foundation. I dip my blending sponge into the product and pounce it into my skin.

Right off the bat, it appears to give me a bit more coverage than it normally does, and doesn’t look cakey on my skin.

And then I made a mistake. I decided I wanted to do my eye makeup before applying my concealer, in case I got any fallout from the shadow. Well, apparently that was not a good idea with this tactic, because the powder in the foundation did what it was supposed to do, and basically set my face matte. When I went in with my concealer after my eyes, the concealer lifted the foundation from where i was applying it since it had already set. Essentially, giving me the results I would get when applying a cream product over a powder.

Exhibit A:


I’m not sure if you can see it very well, but in the center of my forehead, you can see where I applied 3 stripes of concealer and blended it out.
Ugh, and it made it look super cakey too.



The finished product was not what I had hoped for, but I’m not giving up just yet. I decided to give it another go the following day and apply my concealer before the makeup set.


Day 2, I repeated the same steps and mixed the powder into the foundation, applied to my face with a beauty sponge, and then went right in to concealer.
It definitely turned out better, but my face just looked too powdery for me


My makeup lasted hardcore on my face throughout the day, but it felt so heavy and looked too powdery/cakey.

Bottom line: I cannot speak for the velvetizer, but this method of adding translucent powder to my foundation definitely did NOT work for me. I expected to have much better results since my skin is combo/oily, but it just looked like a cakey, powdery mess.

Has anyone else tried this method? Did it work out ok for you? I don’t plan to buy or try the velvetizer since this didn’t work for me, but perhaps that product is milled differently and truly gives a flawless full coverage finish. Let me know if any of you have tried the velvetizer. I’m curious to see how it works for others.

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