Drugstore vs. High End Primers. Are They Dupes?

My go to primers are the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and the Benefit POREfessional primer. I use them in conjunction with one another, using just the POREfessional on my giant pores next to my nose, then Smashbox all over my face to make my makeup last longer.

I’ve been trying to find dupes for these because I like saving money, and high end products are not cheap!  I had been looking online to see what people have said for comparisons, and research has led me to try these two NYX primers. I’m going to test these out and give you my first impressions to see if  they stand the test of being dupes.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- $36
NYX Studio Perfect Primer- $12.99

Benefit POREfessional- $31
NYX Pore Filler- $13.99

The two silicone based primers look pretty similar, although the Smashbox one is definitely thicker, and feels more like a layer on the skin. The NYX one felt a bit like it absorbed into the skin. I prefer the layer effect of the Smashbox, because the point of primer is to form a barrier between your skin and the makeup, making it last longer. I’m wondering if the NYX will have the same lasting power as the Smashbox.

The pore filling primers look and feel completely different from each other. The Benefit one appears to have a better consistency, but appearance isn’t everything. I just want them to preform well on the skin. My pores have been appearing extra large on my face lately, so I want to fill them filled in basically with cement!

Below are close ups of my face before primer is applied. The photo on the left is the side I will be using the NYX primer, and the right sided photo will have the high end primers.

Primer alone on the photos below. On the NYX side (left) my skin is visibly more matte and smooth, and my pores look much less visible. The right is my worse side as far as pores go, and while still visible, they are certainly minimized, and there is a much more even surface as expected from my go to primers.

I’ve applied my full base of makeup over the primers: foundation, concealer, translucent powder, and bronzer.

Honestly, and to my surprise, they both look great. Of course my pores are showing through a bit because I’m not walking around with a permanent photo shop filter, but they are similarly filled in on each side. Also my skin appears equally as smooth and the foundation applied the same on both sides. Based on this, it appears that both primers are indeed legit dupes.

I honestly did not have high hopes for these primers when I first saw and felt the consistency, but as far as my first impression goes, these two primers are great if you are looking to save money and get the same results.

Have any of you tried these for youreself? Did you have the same results that I had?

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