Best Way to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

It is so important to keep your makeup sponges clean. If they’re not kept clean on a regular basis, you are adding oils and bacteria to your face that the sponge has absorbed from previous use, and that can lead to breakouts, which we DON’T want.

I’ve tried using the solid bar that is made by beauty blender, and I personally don’t like it. I feel like the soap gets caked into the sponge and does not rinse out well. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but either way I have found an inexpensive, DIY method that works wonderfully for me.

All you need is:

  • your dirty makeup sponge
  • dish soap (I like dawn because of how well it breaks up oil)
  • olive oil.


1.In a small bowl, add dish soap and oil. I’m not good about measuring, but I like to add a bit more soap than oil to my mixture.

2. Blend this mixture together really well and it should look something like this:



3. Wet your sponge the same way you would if you were going to be wetting it for use. I gently squeeze mine under lukewarm water a bunch of times until I feel it is fully saturated 


4. Without squeezing the excess water out, dip it into the soap and oil mix. 

5. Gently massage the mix deep into the sponge, and squeeze it up toward the ends of the sponge to really move the product out. I add more water as I go, and dip it back into the mixture several times.

6. Once your sponge is clean, make sure you squeeze and rinse our all the excess soap and oil. 


Good as (almost) New!

4 thoughts on “Best Way to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

    • ilovemakeup_n_deals says:

      Yeah I do use a solid brush cleaner for my brushes, but it just doesn’t work for me on the beauty blender.


  1. DGGYST says:

    It’s funny, because you drop so much freaking money on the sponge and their like ” buy the 15 dollar soap now” and you feel like, this thing must need some special soap…but it’s just a sponge lol


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