Beauty Hacks

I’ve picked up tips and tricks from YouTube, online, and some just on my own. I’m going to share some of these with you, and hope some of you will share yours with me as well
1. Eyeshadow takes time and practice to perfect, but if I had one tip that would make your learning experience faster, it would be this: Blend, blend, blend your shadow! In fact, if you think you’re done blending, then blend some more.
When I started watching tutorials, nobody showed how long they were actually blending their shadow and that was frustrating to me. It took me a long time to realize that it is actually an extremely long process. Once I started blending each shade for what seemed like an excessive amount of time, things started to look so much better. You want each color diffused and faded out, and yes blended together.  If you want to intensify it, add more color, but you better blend the crap out of that too!
img_32682. Another eyeshadow tip: use a very light touch. The farther away from the brush end you hold it, the lighter the application will be. Try to get used to holding it closer to the end of the handle and touch the brush to your lid very softly. You want to slowly build up pigment and this is best dive by using small amounts of shadow and a light touch. Don’t be surprised if a somewhat simple smokey eye takes you 20 minutes. That’s pretty normal. Shadow for me is what takes the longest, so on days where I don’t have e much time, I keep it very simple.

3. Use a cutting board and elastics to dry your brushes after washing them. Take three elastics and place them along the cutting board, then weave each brush through the elastics so they are hanging upside down. This way the water will drain down and not into the ferrule which wears down the glue on the handle. It’s also less expensive than buying a special brush drying rack.

4. Fill in your brows a bit too heavy? Take a damp beauty sponge and press over them. It will soak up some of the excess product, and you can touch up after if it changes the shape or removes too much. Always remember to use very light strokes while filling in your brows. Take your time to build up the pigment, and brush through them with a spoolie as you apply more product. Use lighter pressure toward the front of the brow, and a gradually add pressure toward the tail. You want them to look natural, not like drag queen brows.

5. Too heavy on bronzer or blush? Take some translucent powder and buff it over the areas you want to tone down.

6. If you like to go in with a lot of concealer to highlight the center of your face, choose a darker foundation as your base.  This will help to prevent you looking too pale or washed out once you add the concealer. It’s almost like a reverse contour.


7. If your undereyes tend to look dry and wrinkled or creased throughout the day, use an undereye cream when you apply your moisturizer in the morning. I don’t have dry skin, but before I started using an eye cream, I would notice my undereyes looking horrible later in the day. I added eye cream into my routine, and it made a world of difference! The area stays moisturized and fresh.

8. If you get any mascara on your skin while applying it, DON’T TOUCH IT! Wait for it to completely dry, then you can easily remove it with a cotton swab. It will just flake off of your skin rather than smear in like it would if you try to remove it wet.

9. If you wear glasses or sunglasses and get those indents in your makeup on your nose, there is a way to avoid that. I can’t “bake” with powder on my face because it makes me look dry, but I do it on the sides of my nose where my glasses sit. Use a beauty blender to apply a heavy amount of translucent powder where they will sit. Leave it for a minute, then dust it away. It will create a barrier preventing your makeup from melting on to your glasses/sunglasses.

10. Use as much natural light as you can when doing makeup, especially detailed work like brows and shadow. I usually sit next to my bathroom window in the morning with a handheld mirror while I do those steps. It can make a world of difference on how your makeup turn out for the day.

I would love to hear tips and tricks from you. Makeup is certainly fun, and the more we know, the better we will get 🙂

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