Amazing New Collab From My Two Favorite YouTubers!

Desi Perkins and Lustrelux aka Katy have partnered with makeup brand, Dose of Colors, and spent two years creating this amazing collab!

First of all, I cannot express to you how much I love these girls. I watch them every day on Snapchat and they never fail to provide laugh out loud entertainment. They are the very best of friends, and along with their husbands Jon (Katy’s) and Steven (Desi’s) they are known as the “Squad.” I refer to them as “my friends” because it’s almost like I’m hanging out with them when I watch them on Snap.

When I heard they were doing a collab together I DIED! So so so happy for them, especially since they are doing it together. How blessed they are to be able to do a project together with a brand that they love.

Here is there collection, consisting of five lip products, two highlighters, and a gorgeous eye shadow quad (thanks to glambymark on Instagram for these photos):


These shadows are so gorgeous! And they are named after Katy and Desi’s dogs. They opted to use their dogs’ nicknames which I find so special and endearing.



This collection releases on Monday, August 14

Prices below

Check out the video they made showcasing the collection, talking about how they came up with the names, and swatching everything YouTube: DESIXKATY | OUR DOSE OF COLORS COLLECTION

2 thoughts on “Amazing New Collab From My Two Favorite YouTubers!

    • ilovemakeup_n_deals says:

      I’m going for the two classic lipsticks and the lip gloss. I would love the highlighters too, but I need to watch my spending 😫


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