Getting Serious

I realized this morning while I was doing my makeup before work, how much I truly enjoy that time each day.  It’s my time for just me. 

Life these days, for many people, is busy and hectic, and at times downright stressful. Kids, husband, work, appointments, housework, grocery shopping…sometimes it all just seems like too much for me.  But when I sit down with my makeup, I’m doing something just for me. Nobody else, just me. And I treasure that time. 

This morning, the house was quiet and cool. I sat by my window with my little hand held mirror and my brow pomade, and allowed the overcast sky to provide soft lighting. It was then that I realized how precious that time was. I was able to sit in silence, play with my makeup, and be all by myself. I could create any look for myself that I wanted. I could transform my natural face into a flawless work of art. Just as an artist does with paint and a canvas.  It’s amazing to me how much I have learned and how many different ways I can use makeup to change my appearance. Seeing the transformation as it is happening is so satisfying to me. At the end of the day, I take off my “face” and can start again the next. 

I have been really struggling emotionally lately. I have, for years, struggled with depression and anxiety. Right now in my life I am facing a challenge that is starting to take its toll on me pretty hard. I feel, at times, like I’m drowning in responsibilities. So many people are depending on me, and I need to be strong enough to be there for them. That can be so hard. That can be so overwhelming. But all I can do is push forward through it. I have my moments where I allow it to get to me and have an emotional overload, but life goes on, and the world isn’t actually going to crash in on me. 

In the morning, I will sit down and do my makeup. I will focus on me, and leave everything else behind. Just for a short time, it will all disappear. And that is when I can enjoy my “me” time for the day. 

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