Product Empties

I don’t seem to go through products very quickly, which is a good thing! But here are some things I finished up that I would absolutely, and already have repurchased
Suave Essentials Coconut Conditioner

I have curly hair, and I somewhat follow the curly girl method which involves using products with no sulfate or silicones, as well as other important steps. This conditioner really helps to keep my curls defined, and is incredibly inexpensive. I tried using a Tresseme one for a few weeks, but realized it wasn’t keeping my hair looking decent all day. I’ve switched back to this one and for the price, it is amazing.
Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This stuff is amazing. I double cleanse my skin, which means that I use a makeup removing oil, followed by a cleanser. I first use this product to remove my makeup by massaging it all over my face. It’s a solid balm consistency in the jar, but your body heat turns it into an oil when rubbed on the skin. This basically melts the makeup right off of my face while I massage it in. I then rinse that off and use a regular facial cleanser to really be sure to remove any leftover makeup and oils left behind. I like this product because it works so well at removing my makeup, and isn’t as pricey as some other brands with similar products.
Estée Lauder Double Wear

This foundation is absolutely amazing. I try others, but nothing can compare for me, and I always end up reaching for this one.  Foundations work differently on different people, but for me this one lasts all day, doesn’t get cakey or oily on my skin, and gives me perfect coverage. I already have a new one open and in use.
Milani Make It Last setting spray

This is a good drugstore option for setting sprays. I’ve only tried a few setting sprays, but this one does the trick. Where I live, Ulta and Sephora, even Target, are about an hour away from me. I like this because I can run into the Walmart down the street to pick it up if I run out of setting spray. It’s not my first option, but this is something I would repurchase.
I will do another one of these posts when I go through more of my most beloved products.
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